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ShaneLukas, AVN

I'm in the business of choice improvement. I believe a business should work for the business owner, not the other way around. Too many business owners feel they have no choice but to keep their nose to the grindstone at the expense of family, friends and health. I work with business owners to change that. Since 1998 I've worked with accountants developing powerful tools and resources that have successfully helped deliver much more value for much more deserving fees. As a consequence they work less hours, earn better incomes and create better environments for their teams. I train and coach accountants to provide better business advisory support to their client. Making 'Making a Difference' become the main focus of the accountancy practice rather than purely producing accounts.

Measuring your success

  A common set of metrics that are measured within an Accountancy Practice might include: - Turnover, Gross Recurring Fee Income, Profits, Average Fee Per Client …   Do these resonate with you? Do they move and inspire you? Some of these don’t reflect success and... Continue Reading →

Selling vs Listening

Observation 1: Most Accountants hate selling Observation 2: Most Accountants are great listeners   Let’s face it, few of us enjoy ‘selling’ in the conventional sense of the word, it feels uncomfortable, you sense that the guard goes up when you... Continue Reading →

Being part of something special.

It can be quite lonely running an Accountancy Practice can’t it. In our personal lives we have family and friends who we can share companionship with, air feelings, frustrations and emotions with.  But in our business lives we don’t always... Continue Reading →

Technology won’t ruin your Practice, your decisions will.

There are many Accountants offering services to their clients and prospects. Some would be best described as Traditional and some Forward Thinking. Here's a great method used by many AVN Members of illustrating the difference and where they sit. This... Continue Reading →

AVN – Evolution and Revolution

Helping Accountants improve their Accountancy Practice, so they in turn can spend more time with their clients and help them improve their business, has always been AVN’s purpose. I recently surveyed the members of AVN to ascertain how quickly and... Continue Reading →

Make mistakes sharing part of your culture

No matter how much of a perfectionist, we all make mistakes - fact.  What we do with those mistakes can make a profound difference to the success of your Accountancy Practice. All too often, we try to cover up the... Continue Reading →

If Superman was real.

In the comic books and films, Superman felt duty bound to use his powers for good.  He’s often portrayed as saving a cat from a tree or preventing the odd jewellery heist and most often in the fictional city of... Continue Reading →

How to get more clients as an accountant #1

…And great quality clients that pay well, appreciate you and refer you.   Many Accountants tell me that they want more clients, the clients they have don’t want to pay them much, don’t really respect them and expect everything to... Continue Reading →

Why grow your business?

Tell me if you agree or disagree with my answer, I’d love to know your thoughts. A good friend of mine asked me the other day “Why are people so obsessed with growing their business to make huge and increasing... Continue Reading →

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