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Fantastic Teams #7 – Be Grateful!

It’s so easy to fall in to the trap of accepting great work and effort from members of your team and forget to express your gratitude.  Often, I hear people say - ‘I thank them through their salary’.  A salary... Continue Reading →

Fantastic Teams #6 – Do YOU really understand?

How well do you really understand your team? How much time do you invest in getting to know them? What motivates every individual in your team? Most often it’s assumed to be financial incentives but in fact, that’s not always... Continue Reading →

Fantastic Teams #5 – Passion needs patient zero

Everybody wants their teams to be more engaged and passionate about what they do but passion is contagious, it’s infectious. In order for it to spread, it has to be present in the first place.  It has to be present... Continue Reading →

Fantastic Team #4 – Whose fault is it anyway?

When things go wrong in your business are you quick to blame others?  Or do you take responsibility yourself? In my blog about the Initiative Ladder (Fantastic Teams #1) I explained that mistakes must be allowed to happen - on... Continue Reading →

Fantastic Teams #3 – Defining Leadership

The best leader is one who creates the best environment for their team to be the best they can be

Fantastic Teams #2 Kill the staff…

The mindset difference between 'staff' and 'team'

Fantastic Teams #1 – Get your team to step up

This is how I spend more quality time with my kids.

Fantastic Teams, and how to create them

  What does a great team look like in business?   Well, I'm sure many will have differing opinions about that.  In my opinion it's a group of people who are 100% committed to the cause of the business, who... Continue Reading →

Time for an out of body experience

When was the last time you walked in to your office and assessed it as a potential customer? What do your prospects see and think when they walk in to your office? You walk in there every single day; you... Continue Reading →

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