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Beware the loser trap!

Have you started a journey of change in your business but you feel like you’re not seeing progress? Or even that things are actually getting worse? It’s demotivating, isn’t it? And it can also make you uncertain whether you should... Continue Reading →

Create an accountancy practice that doesn’t rely on you

What would happen to your accountancy practice if you weren’t there? One of the lessons we’ve all had to learn over the last 18 months is that we don’t know what’s coming around the corner. Whatever we thought we knew... Continue Reading →

Working from home – challenges with your team

The shift to working from home has demanded a big mental adjustment, as well as the physical move itself. While most have adapted brilliantly, others have found it hard to adjust and their performance has dropped as a result. If... Continue Reading →

What do your clients want from you right now?

How to give them the support they really need. In June 2020, we set up the Excellence In Challenging Times Award to celebrate the accountants who have moved mountains to help their clients get through the Covid-19 crisis. The five... Continue Reading →

Self isolating and working from home

If you or your team need or wish to self isolate in order to reduce the risk of infection here are a few tips to help you continue to get the results you need. We’re privileged to have access to... Continue Reading →

Thinking of merging? Read this first

Mergers, on the face of it, are a great way to scale up and position the newly formed firm as larger.  Finding another firm, getting ‘married’ to them and becoming one entity, often sharing resources and overheads, reducing costs, tapping... Continue Reading →

Beware! The tunnel vision consequence of goals.

It’s important to set goals, they give us focus, they keep us on track, we can measure our progress against them and if the goal is right, our lives should become better by striving toward them - even if we... Continue Reading →

Measuring your success

  A common set of metrics that are measured within an Accountancy Practice might include: - Turnover, Gross Recurring Fee Income, Profits, Average Fee Per Client …   Do these resonate with you? Do they move and inspire you? Some of these don’t reflect success and... Continue Reading →

Selling vs Listening

Observation 1: Most Accountants hate selling Observation 2: Most Accountants are great listeners   Let’s face it, few of us enjoy ‘selling’ in the conventional sense of the word, it feels uncomfortable, you sense that the guard goes up when you... Continue Reading →

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