Shane Lukas is Managing Director of AVN.  AVN help accountancy practices become more successful and enjoyable to run.

Since 1998 Shane has worked with accountants developing powerful tools and resources that have successfully helped accountants’ average client fees progress from 3 figure averages to 5 figure averages.  Helped them work less hours, earn better incomes and create better environments for their teams.

During the last few years Shane’s focus has been in training and coaching accountants as well as strategically developing AVN as a business which delivers training, expert practice growth advice, practice systems and resources.

“AVN has given my life meaning.  It began as a job but soon turned in to something much more, we’ve worked with so many accountants and helped them transform their practice to give them the life they want and deserve to have, for many that means getting to spend more time with their family, for others, it’s simply more time to do stuff they really enjoy.

I strive to help business owners reach the position where they can have better choices about their own lifestyles and make their business work for them, not the other way around.  Through AVN we help accountants achieve this and then through accountants we help business owners.”

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For more information about how you and your practice could develop a much more certain future contact me. / 01246 571191
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