In a recent interview with James Hellyer from Accountancy Edge, I found out how his business goes the extra mile for his clients, which is exactly why Accountancy Edge have qualified to be in AVN’s book: The Business Owner’s Guide to the UK’s Best Accountancy Practices. AVN is an association of forward thinking accountants, and our book seeks to help business owners find an exceptional accountant that will do more than a traditional accountant. Accountants that qualify to feature in this book have a proven track record of improving and measuring the numbers that matter to their clients, in effect, helping businesses achieve their goals and ambitions.

James Hellyer is an AVN accountant, which means he gets access to lots of tools, resources and systems that helps him to be a proactive and forward-thinking accountant. One of the methods James uses for his client is a process of benchmarking. During the interview, James told me an incredible story of how he used benchmarking for a client and was able to see a potential profit of £180,000. By going the extra mile for clients, James is able to get businesses to where they want to be.

In another instance, James took on a client which their former accountant had advised against as they were very close to bankruptcy and was in serious arrears. James carefully reviewed the business and decided to assist the client by creating a billing and credit control system that helped the client to focus on making a profit and making his business more successful. Just one year later, the arrears had gone, and the business is trending forward nicely.

James’ approach to accountancy is refreshing and is a further testament as to why his business features in our book The Business Owner’s Guide to the UK’s Best Accountancy Practices. James seeks to identify ways to help drive businesses forward rather than the traditional accountancy method of reviewing the past.

Accountancy Edge helps many clients achieve their potential, but James particularly enjoys working with entrepreneurs. James enjoys helping entrepreneurs who have a strong idea of what they want but are not sure how to get there. This way, James gets to build a close working relationship with the client to help realise the business potential and do more than standard compliance that every accountant fulfils.

Another way Accountancy Edge go the extra mile is that they offer a free non-obligational benchmarking review meeting. If you want to see the potential for your business, get in touch with James to receive a free benchmarking review. Who knows, you could realise bigger profits than the client that was mentioned earlier.

If you want to find out more about Accountancy Edge and how they go the extra mile for their customers you can find them in AVN’s free to download book. You can download to book for free now at

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